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Do you already have a reservation or do you want to make a reservation with us for a camping pitch or rental accommodation and are you unsure whether you can continue your planned holiday due to government restrictions? We understand your concerns. We offer you flexibility in the form of a voucher with which you can easily rebook your reservation (valid for all reservations made and changes made before 01/06/20 for the year 2020). You can use the amount that you have already paid for a replacement stay until September 30, 2021. Any differences in the nightly rate will be charged / refunded. This way you can still enjoy your holiday at our park. If you have any questions about an existing booking, please contact us at More information about the voucher can be found here.

Select your preferred accommodation type and arrival and departure date below.

Please note our sanitairy facilities are closed untill 15/06/20. For reservations with arrival until 15/06/20 it is necessary to have your own sanitary facilities in your camping equipment.