TOP 5 Nice beaches within a radius of 30km

Scheveningen 17 km

With a wide, long boulevard, wonderful beaches and stylish beach pavilions, Scheveningen is a popular attraction in the Netherlands. Sun worshippers can laze and swim. Nature lovers can go for a lovely walk. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy surfing and beach volleyball and foodies can eat out. Also, above the beach of Scheveningen the ' Blue Flag ' has been fluttering for years, which is the international sign for beaches that are clean and safe.

Kijkduin 16 km

Kijkduin is the lovely quiet seaside resort of The Hague. The most beautiful part of the beach is at the South Beach where you can enjoy a day at the beach (also with children!). Is it a bit less sunny or you just feel like to do bit of movement, Kijkduin is also great for hiking and cycling. There are beautiful routes through the the Hague Dunes, but also along the pleasant Boulevard. And if you are there, you can even grab a terrace with a view of the sea.

If you want to shop, you can do that too. There is not only a shopping centre in the dunes, you will also find plenty of nice boutiques full of clothes, shoes and accessories in the small streets.

For the children there is the ' Play Boat Atlantis '. In addition, they will find a visit to the ' Lookout Tower ', the former lighthouse of the sea, also very nice. Finally, there is the ' heavenly arch '; A huge, elliptical crater from which you can admire the sky as a arch and on top of a beautiful view over the beach and the sea.

Beach entrance Arendsduin / 's-Gravenzande 20km

To reach the beach entrance Arendsduin in's-Gravenzande, you can cycle through the beautiful dune landscape of Westland to the beach. The beach is very quiet and there are no beach bars. Bring a picnic basket and a towel and relax. Dogs are allowed here.

From the Arendsduin, the bike path starts on the dunes and you have a beautiful view of the sea.


At the Arendsduin you cannot park your car. It is easily accessible by bike. A bicycle parking lot is available.


Beach entrance Strandweg / Ter Heijde

Beach entrance Strandweg in Ter-Heijde has two beach bars. Public showers and toilets are also available. The beach is quite quiet, most of the people will come here mainly to relax.


You can park your car for free at the bottom of the dunes on the indicated parking lot. From here it is a few minutes walk to the beach.

Beach entrance Charles Doornmanweg/Ter-Heijde

This beach in Ter Heijde is relatively quiet, but nice for golf surfers! There is a cosy beach club on the beach which is called Beach Club Jamm Beach, where people come for relaxation and occasionally for a beach party. Right next to the beach club you have a place where you can rent surfboards and a wetsuit, which allows you to enter the sea.


You park for free at the indicated parking lot. The number of parking spaces is limited, but with a bit of luck you will find a nice spot.

Beach Molenslag / Monster 20 km

Beach Molenslag in Monster is also one of the popular beaches in Westland. Here you will find the lovely Beach Pavilion The Coast Beach House, an elevated beach pavilion, where you have a nice view. In the summer many bathers also find a nice spot in the sand.


Car parking is available at an additional cost. Pay attention payment is only possible with coins.