Knus Delft

Knus in Delft is a catering business in the middle of the Delftse Hout recreation area, situated on the waterfront and surrounded by nature. At Knus, you can enjoy a number of fun activities for the whole family and, of course, a delicious coffee to go..

Rowing boats and waterbike

Enjoying the water of Delftse Hout is possible with the cosy waterbike or the cosy rowing boat. Both can be booked in advance or hired at the bar at Knus.

Ubuntu pushcarts

With these pushcarts, children experience nature in a new way. You walk a route and come along different types of trees and plants, which have certain features that we as humans don't often think about anymore. The pushcarts can be rented in combination with the Ubuntu nature tour or separately at the bar of Kus.


Supping or Stand Up Paddling is a sporty activity that will be available at Knus from the end of April. They are working together with the SupSupClub for this activity.

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