New year, new season!


30 March 2022

The park has only just opened, but behind the scenes people are already working for the new entertainment season. Stef is also back this year!

In the morning there is a fun and challenging craft and, in the afternoon, there are various activities for young and old.

After dinner you can hear the music of the Fun Parade again! Wait at one of the stops in the park and join the KidsClub for the Magical Adventure Show or a disco!

This year, Fred will have new friends coming to Delftse Hout. Who? That will remain a surprise for a while... Zipp, Buddy and Missty went on holiday to America during the winter to visit Tipy and Flora. They liked it so much that they are having crazy adventures there.  Puck Druk is working in Australia, maybe Fred and Puck will Face-Time each other.

Stef has worked a lot during the winter. Last season, there was the 'Journey around the world'. This year, the entertainment team will be taking guests on a 'Polar Express' in the summer. You must visit us to see exactly what that will look like in the summer! 

It promises to be a fantastic season again! Stef and Fred can't wait to welcome all the children again.

See you soon! 


Stef and Fred Water Fun