Departure & arrival

1. What time can I check in and out?

* You can check in from 15:00 onwards when you are staying in one of our rental properties.
* Our camping pitches are available from 14:00 hrs.

* Check out from our rental accommodations is before 10:00 am.
* Check out from our pitches is before 11:00 am.

2. I arrive outside the opening hours of the reception?

If you have made a reservation and it has been paid in full, we can make arrangements for you to arrive outside of reception opening hours.

If you would like to make an appointment for a late arrival, please contact our reception desk 015-2130040 in advance.

3. What is the route to Holiday park Delftse Hout?

Coming from direction Rotterdam you take exit 9, at the end of the exit at the traffic lights you turn right direction the Ikea. At the roundabout opposite the Ikea, turn left and drive parallel to the A13 motorway. At the end of this road turn right onto the Korftlaan.  The holiday park is located after 300 metres on the left-hand side.

Coming from direction The Hague you take exit 9, at the end of the exit at the traffic lights you turn left direction IKEA. On the roundabout opposite the IKEA, turn left and drive parallel to the A13 motorway. At the end of this road turn right onto the Korftlaan. The holiday park is located after 300 metres on the left-hand side.

More information

The campsite

4. Until what time can we drive in and out with the car?

It is possible to drive in and out between 07:00 - 23:00 hours. After 23:00 you can park your car in the car park at the Koftlaan. You can enter the park through the gate on the left side. You can open this gate with the last 5 digits of your reservation number. Start with a *, then the 5 figures and finish with a #. Please write down your reservation number somewhere, otherwise you will not be able to enter after 23.00. 

5. Is there Wi-Fi?

On arrival you will receive a username and password. This will allow you to log in. The 'free' use of Wi-Fi is limited. This works on the basis of 1 GB per night.  
On arrival you will have access to the total MB. When you have used up the free internet, you will receive a notification. In addition, you can purchase internet in our shop/reception.

Wi-Fi accommodations 

There are routers/Wi-Fi in most of our rental accommodation.
This means you can enjoy our free Wi-Fi in most of our rental accommodations without any limits.

The router hangs behind the television. Here you can also connect to the internet via a wired connection. For this, you use the same login details (SSID and WPA) as for the Wifi.

6. When can I use the swimming pool?

When you stay at our campsite or in one of our rental accommodations you are allowed to use the heated outdoor swimming pool during your stay. Visitors are not allowed to use the pool.

Because it is an outdoor pool, it depends on the weather whether the pool is open or not. The outside temperature must be at least 18 degrees.  In case of thunderstorms or heavy rainfall, the swimming pool is of course closed.

7. Is the Vakantiepark Delftse Hout within walking distance of the town centre?

The Delftse Hout holiday park is within 15 minutes (1.5 km) walking distance from the centre of Delft.


8. How should I leave the accommodation on departure?

You are expected to leave the accommodation vacuumed, including a clean kitchen (dishwasher empty) and inventory. Remove the linen from the beds and place it in the blue laundry bag in front of the door. Please dispose of the waste in the appropriate containers.

Upon departure we will check the accommodation. We reserve the right not to refund (part of) this sum if you cause damage to our property during your stay. This also includes the rules regarding your departure (as written above).

9. Can I have you do the final cleaning of the accommodation?

This is possible. You can report this in advance at the reception. The cleaning costs are € 75,00.
You are expected to leave the accommodation tidy (no rubbish or food left behind). Please remove the bed linen and put the clean inventory back in the cupboards.

10. Are bed linen, towels and tea towels provided in the accommodation?

Bed linen and pillows are available. The only thing you need to bring yourself are towels and tea towels.

11. Is there cable TV reception on all pitches?

There is a cable TV connection on all our pitches. 
We use digital television (not analogue). Search for digital-antenna, DVB-t, digital-earth (never DVB-C or digital cable).

12. Can I put up an extra tent?

If it fits on your pitch and does not disturb the other guests, it is allowed to place a small extra tent next to your caravan/camper.  It is not allowed to put an extra tent next to our rental accommodations.

13. Can I place a party tent?

It is not allowed to place a party tent.

14. Are pets allowed?

One pet is allowed per pitch if you are staying in your own tent, camper van or caravan. We charge a small surcharge for this. Dogs must be kept on a lead during their stay and walked outside the campsite grounds.

Unfortunately pets are not permitted in our rental properties. Exception: We have 1 accommodation where 1 pet is allowed. (Ask the reception about the possibilities).

As a tip we would like to inform you that our neighbours Buytendelft have an animal holiday centre.  Do you have a rabbit / guinea pig / hamster / bird Buytendelft City Farm captures, throughout the year, like small pet (s). Check out the possibilities.

15. Can I have a barbecue at the campsite or near the accommodation?

Barbecuing is only permitted in accordance with the following rules:

1. Place the barbecue on a paved surface.
2. Do not place your barbecue on the garden tables of our accommodations or on the veranda.
3. Keep fire extinguishers handy.
4. Use firelighters, not spirit.
5. Allow the barbecue to cool for 12 hours after use.
6. Open fires (fire pits) are not permitted.

16. Am I allowed to receive visitors?

You may receive visitors. However, this must be kept within limits and may not cause any inconvenience to other guests. Organising

Parties are not allowed. In addition, your visitors may not use our facilities such as the swimming pool.

Visitors can report to the reception desk.  The car can be parked at the front of the park. In connection with the privacy law, we are not allowed to give out location or accommodation numbers to visitors. You are responsible for informing visitors where you are staying.


17. Do I need to book in advance? 

If you want to be sure of a place, we definitely recommend making a reservation. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to make a reservation for our rental properties within 3 days of your arrival.

18. From what age can I book on my own?

From the age of 21 you can book and stay independently at Vakantiepark Delftse Hout.

19. Can I choose between different Amperes of electricity?

This is possible on a number of fields. When you make a reservation with electricity, standard 6 ampere (€ 5.00 per day) electricity is available. You can also choose 4 ampere electricity for € 4.00 per day and 10 ampere electricity for € 7.00 per day.
You can also change this during your stay.

20. How can I cancel the reservation? What are the cancellation conditions/costs?

Do you want to make a reservation with us for a camping pitch or a rental accommodation and are you not sure whether your planned holiday can go ahead, given the Corona situation? We understand your concerns and offer the following options:

  • Due to the current uncertain times, your holiday plans may change. You can change your holiday booking free of charge up to 28 days before arrivalto a later time in this or next year.
  • We will offset the amount paid in advance against your new booking. A shift to a different period may be more expensive, in which case you will have to pay a surcharge.
    You choose to cancel your booked holiday. In case of cancellation, the RECRON conditions apply.

Don't want to take this risk? Then it is better to book shortly in advance. However, there is a chance that we are already fully booked in the desired period.

If you have questions about an existing booking, please contact us at info@delftsehout.nl

21. I want to come with a group to Vakantiepark Delftse Hout.

We focus on the individual guest and are very careful with accepting groups. Before we process the request we will inform you about our policy. It also depends on the period and availability.

22. Does Delftse Hout also take corporate bookings?

As the name suggests, we are a holiday park, and we would like to retain this character. We only rent out our accommodations for tourist purposes.

23. I want to celebrate a children's party on the Delftse Hout holiday park, is that possible?

Unfortunately this is not possible.


24. A better environment, how can I help?

A better environment starts with us. That is why we strive to use energy and raw materials sparingly and why we limit or avoid any damage to the environment caused by waste or by-products. We have an official corporate environmental plan and have been rewarded for our efforts with the highest environmental award for the recreation and leisure industry: the Golden Green Key!

And we need you!

Waste disposal
We kindly ask you to help us keep our campsite clean and attractive, dispose of your waste properly and avoid litter.

* Household waste can be disposed of in the underground containers in closed bags.
* Glass can be disposed of in the bottle bank.
* Paper can be disposed of in the paper container.
* Spent batteries can be disposed of in the battery container in the launderette.

Feel at home on holiday and save electricity.

* Turn off the lights when you leave your accommodation/camping unit.

* Turn off devices when not in use. A TV on standby continues to use energy. A TV on standby continues to use energy and can burn out when it is on standby.

* When you are not using a charger, or when the device is fully charged, the charger continues to use power. So take chargers out of the socket. Think about the toothbrush, mobile phone or battery charger.

You are expected to use water sparingly.

* Do not waste drinking water; do not leave the tap open when brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.

Washing machine
* Wash with a full drum. This saves a lot of energy and water.
* By washing at 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees, you save a lot of energy.

Changing bed linen
We want to avoid unnecessary washing. We let you decide whether the bedding needs to be changed.

When staying at least one week, you can change the bedding on Fridays.

The car
There is parking space for 1 car per accommodation.

* Give the car a rest during your stay. Discover the pleasure of walking or cycling and travel more often by public transport.