Comfortable, modern and clean

Our service building is heated and provided with the comfort you need.

The modern sanitary on the campsite are cleaned several times a day. The use of showers is free for our guests. You have unlimited use of warm water, without having to use a coin. In addition there is a special disabled shower and toilet building available.

For children of 0-6 years old we have exclusive children facilities. Going to the toilet, having a shower, and brushing your teeth has never been so much fun. In this colourful toilet building your children will feel entirely at home, as all toilets and sinks are adjusted to children's height. This way they can go to the toilet or brush their teeth themselves. Even the showers are easy accessible for children and the temperature can be regulated by themselves.

We even have thought of the really small ones and their mummies and daddies; in the toilet building there is a big dressing table and a children's bath available.