A better environment..

starts here. That is why we strive to use energy and materials economically. This way, the damage to the direct surroundings by waste will be minimised or even eliminated. We have an official company environment plan and we have been rewarded for our dedication with the Golden Green Key award.   

And we need you!

Garbage Disposal:

Glass, paper, cartons and batteries – we like to separate. You can hand in your batteries at the reception; paper and carton can be disposed in the blue waste container below the restaurant; glass in the bottle bank; and all other garbage (in closed plastic bags please) in the metal underground containers between the toilet building and the restaurant.


Make yourself at home and save energy.

  • Switch the lights off when you leave your accommodation.
  • Switch machines off if you are not using them. A television on stand-by still uses energy, and even stand-by can suffer electrical failure and burn. 
  • If you are not using an adapter, or if the machine is loaded, the adapter still uses energy. Remember to pull out the adapter from the socket. (mobile phones, toothbrush, or battery adapter).  


 Please use water economically.

  • Do not waste drinking water; don’t leave the water tap running when brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.

 Washing machine

  • Wash with a full washing machine. This saves both energy and water.
  • Wash on 40 degrees instead of 60 degrees, this also saves energy.

Changing bedding

We obviously wish to prevent unnecessary washing, but we let you decide when to change your bedding. During a stay of 1 week minimum you may change your bedding (if necessary) on Friday.

The car

On the campsite, ONE car only per accommodation is permitted. Give the car a few days off! Discover the pleasure of walking and cycling on the quiet tracks which start just outside the campsite gates! Public transport is available close by should you require it. 


Green Key

Green Key is a diploma awarded company within tourism, awarding: hotels, youth hostels, conference- and holiday centres, campsites, holiday houses, leisure facilities and restaurants. To obtain the Green Key the company has to fulfil a list with numerous environmental requirements. These requirements are contained in a number of criteria. Besides pure environmental demands (for example to control the production of waste and the use of water, electricity, etc.), the criteria include demands on policy, action plans, education and communication. Obtaining The Green Key shows the sense of responsibility a organisation has for its surroundings and society.