events spring

Events spring 2024

Delft Blues festival

23 to 25 February

Every year in the month of February, the biggest indoor blues festival takes place in the Netherlands. During this weekend, the various cafes in Delft host a large number of free performances.

Website Delft Blues festival

CPC loop Den Haag

10 March 2024

On 10 March, it's time for the NN CPC Loop Den Haag. Anyone can participate: young, old, trained, on foot or by wheelchair and it is more than just a running event. During the NN Half Marathon, for example, there are many historical buildings to see. So soaking up culture while running is best done during the NN CPC Loop in The Hague.

Website CPC loop Den Haag


21 March to 12 May

Keukenhof flower park in Lisse is the world's largest tulip garden with over seven million bulbs planted by hand every autumn. It is one of the most beautiful attractions in the Netherlands, also attracting many foreign tourists.

Website Keukenhof

Nationale Museum week

30 March to 5 April

During Museum Week, you may lend your Museum Card. Give your sister a museum visit, let your baker or butcher taste culture and check with your neighbour whether he can appreciate an exhibition. This way, as many people as possible can get to know different museums.

Website Nationale Museum week

Rewire festival

4 April to 7 April

Rewire Festival is an annual music and arts festival taking place in The Hague. The festival focuses on avant-garde and experimental music, art and electronic media. The programme often includes concerts, performances, installations and lectures at various locations in The Hague.

Website Rewire festival

Kom in de kas

6 and 7 April

"Kom in de Kas" is an annual event in the Westland where greenhouses of horticultural companies open their doors to the public. The aim of the event is to give people a behind-the-scenes look at the Dutch greenhouse farming sector and make you aware of where your food comes from.

Website Kom in de Kas

Marathon van Rotterdam

13 and 14 April

The Rotterdam Marathon is an annual running event that takes place in Rotterdam. It is one of the biggest and most popular marathons in the Netherlands and attracts participants from all over the world.

Website Marathon van Rotterdam


21 April

Come run in Delft and its surroundings. The routes go over unpaved paths as much as possible and are good for runners who want to get acquainted with trails and varied and challenging enough for experienced trailers.

Website Houttrail

North Sea Regatta

7 to 20 May

The North Sea Regatta is an annual sailing event that takes place in the North Sea, with Scheveningen as its central location. The event attracts sailors from all over the world and consists of various sailing competitions and activities. The regatta has a long history and is one of the biggest sailing events in Europe.

Website North Sea Regatta

Nationale Molendag

11 and 12 May

National Mills Day is an annual event in the Netherlands where many wind and water mills across the country open their doors to the public. During this day, visitors can tour mills, learn more about their history and operation, and often various activities are organised.

Website Nationale Molendag

Delft Chamber Music Festival

26 May

The Delft Chamber Music Festival is an annual chamber music festival that takes place in Delft. The festival focuses on chamber music performances, where small ensembles of musicians, often consisting of strings, winds and pianists, work together to play chamber music pieces.

Wesbite Delft Chamber Music Festival

Delft Fringe festival

28 May

The Delft Fringe Festival is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that aims to provide a platform for emerging talent and artists in various disciplines, including theatre, dance, music, cabaret, and other forms of performing arts. A characteristic feature of a Fringe Festival is that it often focuses on alternative and experimental art forms, and it offers artists an opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Website Delft Fringe festival

Triathlon Delft

2 June

Swimming, cycling and running in and around Delftse Hout. A fun challenge for those who want to be sporty. Will you participate or would you rather come and watch?

Website Triathlon Delft

Festival Classique

13 to 16 June

Festival Classique Delft is an annual music festival that takes place in Delft. The festival aims to present classical music in an accessible and innovative way to a wide audience. During Festival Classique, various forms of classical music are combined with other art forms and the aim is to create a unique experience.

Website Festival Classique

Varend Corso 

21 to 23 June

The Westland Varend Corso is a colourful and festive event. It is a unique flower and plant parade that takes place on water. During the Varend Corso, decorated boats and vessels filled with flowers, plants and vegetables sail through the waterways of the Westland region. The boats also pass through Delft.

Website Varend Corso

Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen

22 June

Scheveningen hosts Flag Day every year. The term "Vlaggetjesdag" refers to the day when fishing vessels are decorated with flags and other festive decorations to mark the start of the herring season. The day celebrates the arrival of the new herring, a tradition that dates back to the time when herring fishing was an important economic activity in the Netherlands. The highlight of the event is often the christening of the first keg of new herring, a symbolic event in which the first keg is brought ashore and auctioned off.

Website Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen

Delft Ceramica

24 to 30 June

The "Delft Ceramics Days" is an annual event in Delft focusing on ceramics and ceramic art. During these days, ceramists, artists and lovers of ceramics come together to celebrate the craftsmanship and diversity of ceramics. During the event, you can admire various ceramic objects such as sculptures, vases, plates and other artworks created using various ceramic techniques.

Website Delft Ceramica

North Sea Round Town

27 June to 14 July

North Sea Round Town (NSRT) is NN North Sea Jazz's autonomous fringe festival that enthuses diverse audiences about jazz music and stimulates the jazz climate in Rotterdam.

Website North Sea Round Town

Veteranendag Den Haag

29 June

Veterans Day in The Hague is an annual event held to show recognition and appreciation for the contributions of military veterans to peace missions and international operations. The day is dedicated to honouring all Dutch veterans, regardless of their age, rank, or the period in which they served.

Website Veteranendag Den Haag