A Glimpse Of The Future

Ready for the Future

We are approaching the finish line.

After years of planning, this year we finally started! In October 2019 the start was given for the construction of the new sanitary, reception buildings and a new entrance. Unfortunately, this renovation did not go without a hitch, and put our and your patience to the test. We would like to thank you for all your patience and interest.

Sanitary building:

But the result is impressive. How beautiful is has become! We are especially proud of the Delft Blue tile wall with a view on Delft by Johannes Vermeer in the Sanitary building. In season 2021 you can use our ultra-modern, sustainable sanitary building.


Upstairs in the new sanitary a new Loft, with 3 bedrooms is created, a spacious living room with open kitchen and a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet. With a beautiful view over the playground. This loft will be available for rent from April 2021. You can already reserve the Loft for season 2021.


Of course we have also thought about a new recreation room for the entertainment! The room is adjacent to the playground and even has a small amphitheater where Fred & friends will have many new adventures and activities this season!

Reception building

The reception /shop also needed a upgrade. The new reception and mini-shop are situated at the new entrance. From April 2021 we welcome you in this beautiful building.  

In the first quarter of 2021 we will say a final farewell to the old reception and entrance, New, comfortable will be built on this location. All with their own electricity and television connection and of course their own electricity and television connection and of course their own water connection and drainage. These locations will have a paved surface so that they are also easily accessible for motorhomes.  


The new Brasserie is opened in season 2020. Besides snacks and pasta you can eat delicious pizza’s. Read more.

Last season we had a number of Food trucks at our park to provide us and our guests with a delicious dinner. What a pleasure we all enjoyed! For coming season we will see if we can realize this again for a number of evenings.

In short: We are almost there! We are going to enjoy the end result!

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