A Glimpse Of The Future

We say goodbye to the past

Did you know that on the site of Vakantiepark Delftse Hout there used to be a communal swimming pool? You can still see it subtly on the terrain here and there. The largest 'remnants' of the old swimming pool are the changing rooms (the current sanitary building) and the roof terrace (where the restaurant now sits). And although these have been modernized and rebuilt many times since 1989, it is now really time to say goodbye to these traces from the past. Starting with a new sanitary building!

Closing of our restaurant

This is the last season that you can enjoy the dishes from our own kitchen. On 28 September 2019 our restaurant closes definitively and the demolition of the building will start. The major renovation plans also envisaged eating possible on our site.

As the entrance of the park is also being relocated, much of our accommodation - including Camping Cottages, Sunhomes, Grasbungalows, Igloos, and Coco's, will be temporarily closed on 1 October 2019. The Grasbungalow and the Igloos will remain where they are. For the other types of accommodation, we are currently looking at the possibility of moving  them to another location on site. Our Camping Cottages have been demolished. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed in relocating the Camping Cottages. from July 2020 we will have new accommodations.

Construction work starts

After the demolition of the restaurant, we will start with the construction of the new sanitary building, reception building and entrance end of 2019. Our current sanitary building stays open during the complete duration of the construction.

We expect the new buildings to be glass-tight in March 2020. After we will start with the finishing touch; the interior of the building.

The opening..

The opening of these buildings will be around June 2020. In the season 2020 you can use booth sanitary building old and new. Around November 2020 we will say goodbye to our old sanitary block, reception and shop. On this location we will create new camping and motorhome pitches.