Famous cities

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague

Do you feel like visiting one of the big cities in The Netherlands? Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague are within easy reach of Vakantiepark Delftse Hout by car or public transport. Besides shopping for hours on end, each city has his own interesting sight which are definitely worth to visit.


In Rotterdam it is possible to make a boat trip through the worlds biggest harbour, overlook the city from the Euromast or have a cosy day with the children at the Zoo Diergaarden Blijdorp. Would you like to know more about Rotterdam? Click here.

The Hague

In The Hague you can visit the miniature city Madurodam, the Vredespaleis (Peace Palace) or the government buildings. Or you can have a sunny day at the beach at Scheveningen or have a stroll over the boulevard. In the evening you can try your luck at the casino or watch a movie at the enormous Pathé cinema. For more information about The Hague: click here.


Of course can you not miss our capital city. You are in Amsterdam in 45 minutes by train. Have a visit at Madame Thussauds (the wax museum), feed pigeons on the Dam, have a look inside the Anne Frank museum or go shopping at the Kalverstraat (luxurious shopping street). Amsterdam is absolutely worth the time. If you would like to know more about Amsterdam, please click here.