City farm BuytenDelft

Discover City farm BuytenDelft

Located directly next to Vakantiepark Delftse Hout is City farm BuytenDelft. Due to budget cuts by the Municipality of Delft this beautiful spot in the recreation area of Delftse Hout was at risk of disappearing. However, thanks to the efforts of four local business (wo)men it is possible to maintain the farm, the water playground and the deer park.

In the coming years, City farm BuytenDelft will be transformed into a sustainable and challenging experience for young and old(er) clientele. Even now you can enjoy the charm and cosiness of BuytenDelft.  

City farm BuytenDelft

In the City farm you can find sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens and pigeons. There are also small rodents, birds and fish. Most animals are not confined in cages. As a visitor, you can move freely between the animals. There are regular activities such as egg hunt on Easter Saturday, sheep shearing and an annual open day.


Ideal for hot days to cool off by splashing and messing around with water. The water playground has a sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing, and shallow water, perfect for padding. (max. 50 cm) There are a various of playground equipments such as seesaw, slides and swings. There is a large play boat, cable car, a little dig machine and a water cylinder. The water playground is open every day from 1 April till 1 October.

Korftlaan 3a, 2616 LJ Delft