Nice cities/towns in the area within a radius of 35km

1. The Hague 10 Km

There are some places which you hold in your heart forever. The Hague is one of these: the best of both worlds. City of peace and law. Of town and beach. Of new styles and old masters. Of shops and palaces. Of exotic cuisine and Dutch fishing port. Of international justice and wisdom of the street.

2. Rotterdam 17 Km

Rotterdam has something to offer for everyone, but is especially nice for those who are interested in modern architecture, ports and art in all possible forms. You will get the unadulterated Rotterdam humor of the local people for free. Rotterdam is a true multicultural city. Here a large number of nationalities live together, which you will not only see in the ethnic mix of skin tones but also in the range of shops and eateries. Rotterdam has an above average number of good restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy all kinds of exotic cuisines.

3. Schiedam 14 km

Schiedam is not only known for the fact that they are the gin city of the Netherlands, with a real gin museum. The historic town of Schiedam with its beautiful canals and large windmills is also a landmark that can perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the beautiful city of Schiedam. Furthermore, the hospitable residents of Schiedam also have the experience of the city, what culture they have and what the life of the residents is like. Finally, enjoy the cosy terraces and the tasty local food.

4. Gouda 34 km

Gouda, the historical city in the province of Zuid-Holland, is known worldwide for its Gouda cheese, candles and syrup waffles. But there is still much more to admire in Gouda. In addition to the famous Gouda cheese, there is much more to enjoy. Gouda is one of the most beautiful historical cities in the Netherlands. You can see beautiful monumental buildings and walk along century-old canals with cosy terraces and nice shops.

5. Leiden 24 km

Discover the University City of Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt which is also close to the beach. Leiden is known for its university, historic old town with canals and beautiful monumental buildings and its many museums. Take a boat trip or a courtyard walk or visit one of the many nice restaurants. Also the Hortus Botanicus is always worth a visit.

6. 't Woud 7 km

The small church village is located between Den Hoorn and de Lier. 't Woud, which is often described as a picturesque village between the meadows, is already mentioned in 1277. The village consists of a late Gothic church, a few farms, some houses, a tavern/café and a presbytery. In 2006, 36 people lived there. The whole village is a protected townscape.


7. Brielle 27 km

Brielle is a historic fortified town with one of the best preserved fortifications in the Netherlands. The city has more than 400 monuments and is known from the history booklets.  Within the ramparts you will find the special Saint-Catharijne church (where William of Orange married Charlotte de Bourbon in 1575) and the interactive Museum of the Eighty Years ' War, located in the old Town hall. Every place, facade and stone bears its own story.

8. Vlaardingen 18 km

Vlaardingen is known for the annual award of the Geuzenpenning, the Vlaardingen culture and was once the herring city of the Netherlands. Today's Vlaardingen is a village town, a city with a unique history, a cosy center, lots of greenery and a wide range of activities and events.

9. Zoetermeer 13 km

Cycle the beautiful Cycling Tour ' Circle of Woods ' and discover the national green heart of Holland in the surroundings of Zoetermeer.

10. Naaldwijk 17km

Village in the Westland with many nice sights such as the Japanese water gardens, picking garden and the auction

Bonus: If it is no problem for you to travel a little further, Dordrecht is a nice tip. Also accessible via Rotterdam by water taxi.

Dordrecht 41 km

Visit the oldest city in the Netherlands and enjoy countless monuments and museums, ancient warehouses and the busy trade streets that recall the prosperous past of this city by the water.

Kinderdijk 42 km

The village Kinderdijk is located in Zuid-Holland and is known worldwide for its mills. These 19 windmills have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1997 and are a major tourist attraction in the Netherlands.