Granny's bike

How does a duo bike work?

On the duo bike you sit next to each other, much more cosy and stable than a tandem! The driver can change gears (8 gears), pedal, brake and steer. The co-pilot chooses whether he or she wants to pedal along, and at what speed. In addition to the hand brakes, the bike also has a parking brake so that you can both get off without the bike running away.

You sit on seats that can be slid forwards and backwards so that you both have good access to the pedals. The passenger's seat can be rotated to make it easier to get on, for example from a wheelchair, and you can fold the armrests up and down. This seat also has a belt.

There is a basket on the back and you can click a walking stick on the frame.

The bike is just over 1 metre wide. This width takes some getting used to, but it fits on the cycle track. Make sure you keep the front wheel in the middle of the cycle path, so nothing can happen to you.

This duo bike has pedal assistance with an electric motor and 8 gears. This will enable you to get on well, even if you both have less strength in your legs. To ride away from a standstill or to cross a Delft bridge, there is a button on the handlebar that provides a little extra support. That these bridges are easy to cross can be seen in this video made by an enthusiastic pillion rider when there was not even any pedal assistance on the bike.

If you book the companion cycle, you will receive information in advance on how to adjust the companion cycle so that both of you can sit comfortably and reach the pedals, and on how the electric motor with battery works.



Click below on the desired date and starting time. By default, four hours are blocked, but if you want to cycle for a shorter or longer time you can change that in the next step of the reservation.
The rental price is €5 per half day of four hours (regardless of the time) and €20 deposit. You pay this in our campsite shop on the day of hire.

Also when using the duo bike, the general rules against the coronavirus apply, such as staying at home if you have related complaints. This is especially true if one of the pillion riders belongs to a risk group. You can find the rules here.

The contact points of the Duo bike (such as handles and brakes) are cleaned after every use.