Frequently asked questions


Arrival & departure

1. At what time can I check in and check out?


  • When you stay in one of our accommodations, you can check in from 15:00 o’clock.
  •  Our pitches are available from 14:00 o’clock.


  • Check-out from our accommodations is before 10:00 o’clock.
  • Check out from our pitches is before 11:00 o’clock. 

2. What can I do when I arrive after the closing times of the reception?
When you have a reservation which is paid, we can make arrangements for your arrival.

In the link below you will find the opening hours of our reception.

When you would like to make arrangements for a late arrival , please contact the reception in advance 0031 15 2130040.

3. What is the route to Vakantiepark Delftse Hout?
Coming from direction Rotterdam, take exit number 9, at the end of the exit turn right at the traffic lights towards Ikea. At the Roundabout in front of Ikea turn left and drive parallel to the motorway a13. At the end of this street turn right and you will find our campsite after 300m on the left side of the road.
Coming from direction Den Haag, take exit number 9, at the end of the exit at the traffic lights turn left towards Ikea. At the roundabout in front of Ikea turn left and drive parallel to the motorway a13. At the end of this street turn right and you will find our campsite after 300m on the left side of the road.

The park

4. Until what time can I drive in and out with my car?
It is possible to drive in and out by car between 07:00 and 23:00 o’clock. After 23:00 o’clock the main gate is closed. You can park your car in the parking area, outside the campsite. You can enter through the side door of the gate with your barrier card. Make sure you take you barrier card with you, so you are able to open the walking gate to enter the campsite.

5. Is there Wi-Fi at the campsite?
At arrival you will receive a username and password. The free Wi-Fi is limited and based on 250 MB per day. You will receive the total MB’s for your stay on arrival. When you reach the limit you will receive a notification. You can buy more in the reception.

6. When can I use the swimming pool?
When you stay on our campsite or in one of our accommodations you can make use of the heated, outdoor swimming pool during you stay. Visitors are not allowed to use the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is open daily. The outside temperature needs to be 18 degrees. It is closed during thunder storms or heavy rain.

7. Can I walk to the city Centre of Delft?
From Vakantiepark Delftse Hout it is 15 minutes’ walk (1.5 km) to the city center of Delft.

Your stay

8. Do I have to clean the accommodation at departure?
You will be required to leave your rental accommodation vacuum cleaned, with a clean kitchen and inventory. Please remove your bedlinen and put them in the blue laundry sack at the front door. Please dispose of your rubbish in the underground containers.

At departure we check the accommodation. We reserve the right to withhold (part of) the deposit if you have caused damage to our property during your stay or for a not cleaned accommodation.

9. Can I require Delftse Hout to do the final cleaning of the accommodation?
If you require us to clean the accommodation please request this at the reception in advance. The cleaning costs are € 50.00. You will be required to leave the accommodation empty (no rubbish or food in the accommodation), remove the bed linen and replace the cleaned inventory back in the cupboards.

10. Are there Bedding, bed linen, towels and dish-towels available in the accommodation?
Bedding, pillows and bed linen are included and available in the accommodation. You have to bring your own towels and dish-towels.

11. Does the campsite have a central Cable TV hook up?
Our pitches have a connection for the cable TV hook up. We only have digital television (no analog anymore). Search on Digital-antenna, DVB-t, digital –aards (not DVB-C or digital Cable).

12. Can I place a tent next to the caravan/motorhome?
When it is suitable on your pitch it is allowed to place a little tent next to your caravan/motorhome. It is not allowed to place a tent next to our accommodations.

13. Are party tents allowed?
Party tents are not allowed at our park.

14. Are pets allowed?
When you stay at our campsite with your own tent, motorhome or caravan, 1 pet per pitch is allowed. There aren’t any designated toilet areas on the campsite, we would like to ask you to walk your dog outside the campground area. When you are walking with your dog on the campsite he/she has to be kept on a leash.
In our accommodations pets are not allowed! Except for 1 accommodation (ask the reception for the possibilities).

15. We would like to barbeque on the camping, is this allowed?
Barbeques are only allowed in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Place the BBQ on a paved surface.
  2. Do not place your BBQ on the garden tables or porch of our accommodation.
  3. Make sure you have fire-fighting equipment near you.
  4. Do not use flammable liquids! Use firelighters to light your BBQ.
  5. Allow the BBQ to cool down for at least 12 hours after use.
  6. Open fires are not allowed.

16. What are the rules about visitors?
Yes, visitors are accepted (in reasonable quantities so it does not disturb other guests). Visitors should register at the reception. Related to the Privacy Act we can’t disclose the number of your pitch of accommodation. You must inform your visitors where you’re staying. The visitors are not allowed to use the facilities like the swimming pool. Organizing parties is not allowed.

Your booking

17. Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance?
To be sure of availability, we recommend to book your stay at Delftse Hout in advance. Within 3 days before arrival it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.

18. From which age can I make a reservation?
From 21 years old you can make a reservation and stay at Delftse Hout.

19. What is the amperage at the campground?
6 ampere electricity is standard at our campsite. On several pitches you can upgrade to 10 ampere electricity (€ 5.00 per day) or downgrade to 4 ampere electricity (€ 2.50 per day). It is possible to change this during your stay.

20. I want to cancel the reservation. Are there cancellation costs?
We are sorry to hear that you have to cancel your reservation. The costs depend on the moment of you cancellation.
PAY ATTENTION! During the corona pandemic, different cancellation conditions apply.

In case of cancellation the following charges apply: Cancellation:
until 3 months before date of arrival 15% of the total rent/site fee,
until 2 months before date of arrival 50% of the total rent/site fee,
until 1 month before date of arrival 75% of the total rent/site fee,
within 1 month before date of arrival 90% of the total rent/site fee,
In case of later cancellation or early departure no refund.

If you want to cancel your reservation, please send us an e-mail with your name and reservation number.

21. I would like to come with a group, what are the possibilities?
Our main focus is on individual guests and therefore we are carefully with accepting groups reservations. Before we can handle the request we inform you in advance about our policy. Besides, it also depends on the period and availability.

22. I would like to make a reservation for my employees?
We are a holiday park with accommodations and camping. We really want to keep the holiday ambiance. Therefore we do not accept work related bookings.

23. I would like to organize a ‘children’ party at Vakantiepark Delftse Hout, is this possible?
This is not possible.



24. A better environment, how can I help?
A better environment starts with us. That is why we strive for a thrifty use of energy and raw materials and the damage to the environment by means of waste or by-products is limited or avoided. We have an official business environment plan and are rewarded for our commitment with the Green Key Environmental Barometer.

And we need you!

Waste management
We kindly ask you to help keep our camping clean and attractive, dispose of your waste in the right way and avoid litter.

  • Garbage can be deposited in the underground containers in closed bags.
  • Glass can be deposited in the underground bottle container.
  • Paper can be deposited in the paper container.
  • Empty batteries can be deposited in the laundry room.

Feel at home on holiday and save electricity.

  • Turn off the light when you leave your accommodation/camping equipment.
  • Turn off devices when not in use. A TV that stands in the standby mode will continue to use energy. In addition, the device can burn out to standby mode.
  • If you are not using a charger, or the device is fully charged, the charger will continue to use power. So remove chargers from the wall outlet. Think of the electric toothbrush, cell phone or battery charger.

You are expected to deal with water consumption sparingly.

  • Do not waste drinking water; Do not leave the tap open during brushing/washing.

Washing machine

  • Wash with a full drum. This saves a lot of energy and water.
  • By washing at 40 degrees instead of sixty degrees, you will save a lot of energy.

Bed linen
We want to avoid unnecessary washing. We will let you decide if the bed linen needs to be changed.

For stays of at least one week, the bed linen can be changed (if required) on Fridays.

The car
On-site parking is available for 1 car per accommodation.

  • Give the car a day off during your stay. Discover the pleasure of hiking, or cycling and travel by public transport more often.