Aerial Yoga

Womanhood Studio provides Aerial Yoga at Vakantiepark Delftse Hout: 

Dear sporty and curious people,

 Aerial Yoga is a form of yoga in which you use a sling, the hammock, to support, lengthen and relax your body. As the hammock moves, it will challenge you and put all your muscles at work!  Practicing Aerial Yoga is a fun and healthy, an activity in which laughing is inevitable!  If you are an experienced yogi, the Aerial experience will add a complete new dimension to your practice. 

A few practical things to know so that you can train safely and pleasantly in our hammocks:
- Aerial Yoga can, due to the dynamic movement of the canvas, cause dizziness, nausea and / or headaches. - DO NOT do it if you are familiar with extremely high or low blood pressure. If you are unsure, discuss it with your doctor first.
- We have separate pregnancy classes for pregnant women. DO NOT participate in a regular class if you are pregnant.
- DO NOT participate if you are familiar with high eye pressure (Glaucoma).
- If you have an injury (or are recovering) please tell the teacher before class. We can offer you options in poses based on your needs.
- Avoid eating and drinking 1 hour before class.

Are you completely new with Aerial Yoga? Then we recommend that you take a beginners class first. These will be held often during summer. 

 If in doubt, please send us your questions or concerns to: .

Note regarding your clothing: 
- Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing that fit tightly around your body.
- You ALWAYS train with a T-shirt that covers the armpits. This way you avoid cutting your skin and it is also important for hygiene reasons.
- To prevent tearing or damaging the fabric, train with clothing without zippers and buttons.

Last but not least 

We hope to welcome and swing with you soon in the hammocks! Come open-minded and curious, it promises to be a special experience for you. 

 Registration is online via Taking classes means you take responsibility for your own health. The Womanhood studio is not liable for personal accidents or injuries.