Day out with the (grand) childeren

Most people know that there is plenty to do for adults in and around Delft. For example, during your stay at our holiday park you can enjoy walking and cycling through the beautiful South Holland landscape or discover the beautiful city center of Delft. There is also plenty to do for children, with nice weather they can enjoy themselves in the recreational lake a 2-minute walk from our holiday park and the swimming pool is always popular with the little ones. But what if the weather is less pleasant for a day or you feel like taking a trip with the whole family? Even then you can go in all directions from the Delftse Hout holiday park.

We have listed the 10 best trips in the area for you.

1. Science Center Delft 2.2 km

The Delft Science Center at TU Delft is a very nice way to introduce children to science, design and engineering. Here children and adults can view and experience the TU Delft studies themselves. A workshop is also held every Sunday from 12 noon in which children can design, invent or build under the supervision of TU Delft students.

Visit the website of science center Delft

2. Fun Forest Rotterdam 17.5 km

Run, climb and jump! For the daredevils among us this is the ultimate outing. At Fun Forest Rotterdam children can enjoy the climbing forest, the monkey trail, the brand new spider city and there are various water sports available.

Visit the Fun Forest Rotterdam website

3. Miniworld Rotterdam 14.9 km

In Miniworld Rotterdam a day only takes 24 minutes. See how the more than 27,000 inhabitants of this small world wake up and start their day. Small trains shoot from station to station and the European ports also work overtime here.

Miniwereld Rotterdam is more than 530m² in size and a visit takes on average 1.5 to 3 hours.

Visit the Miniworld Rotterdam website 

4. Duinrell Wassenaar 20.5 km

Roller coasters, white-water rides, a toboggan run, swings and floating mills. Anyone who knows Duinrell in Wassenaar knows that this amusement park is one of the nicest in the Netherlands. In addition to a very cool amusement park, you can also spend an entire day at the Tiki Pool with slides, wave pool and jacuzzis.

Visit the Duinrell website.

5. Plaswijckpark Rotterdam 15.9 km

Attention offside players! In Plaswijckpark you will find the largest collection of playgrounds in the region. All playgrounds have their own theme, for example: Traffic, monkey cages or water. In addition, you can walk and run in Plaswijckpark Wandelwijck and there is a real zoo!

Visit the website of Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

6. Drievliet The Hague 7.2 km

Family park Drievliet is an amusement park for the whole family. In this pleasant park you will find many attractions for all ages, but also the thrill seekers will not be bored here with the "sea monster" Nautilus, and the Formula-X.

Visit the Drievliet website

7. Sealife Scheveningen 17.3 km

Sharks, seahorses, sea turtles, jellyfish and coral. In Sealife Scheveningen, children and adults can learn everything about the aquatic life and the animals that live in it. See Nemo and his friends swimming around in real life and discover more about the journey of Little Gray and Little White the Beluga dolphins

Visit the Sealife Scheveningen website

8. Aquapretpark Leidschendam 21.9 km

Discover the new sensation is the largest park in Europe. While bouncing over the water, take various obstacles and be the first to cross the finish line. Aquapretpark Vlietland offers adventurous, imaginative, safe and unlimited playing pleasure

Visit the website of Aquapretpark Vlietland

9. Jumpsquare Rijswijk 7.8 km

Jumpsquare in Rijswijk is the largest trampoline park in the Netherlands. At Jumpsquare you will experience the unique combination of jump, sport, fun and tricks in an awesome environment. There are special mini jump hours especially for the very youngest children from 2 to 9 years old. The other days the minimum age is 8 years.

View the Jumpsquare website

10. Museon The Hague 16.6 km

Discover the world in the Museon. In the Museon in The Hague, children can not only visit exhibitions but also participate in activities. In addition, there are workshops, lab activities and science shows. In short, something for everyone!

Visit the Museon website

Have you ever made one of these trips? Then we would like to hear what you thought of it. Are you missing a nice trip in this list? Let us know and we will add this.