Stef is looking back on a special animation season

In March 2020 I started working at Holiday Park Delftse Hout. It was my first year at Holiday Park Delftse Hout and besides that also the beginning of the Corona period. What I knew is that this was going to be a very special season. But I had no idea how this season was going to be.

The preparations for the animation were stopped

We had to stop the preparations for the animation program because there was nothing to prepare yet. My activities were diverse; I started helping in the Technical Service, Cleaning and at the reception.

Unfortunately, the Easter weekend was canceled and together with everyone, we have decided not to offer any animation until June 1st, 2020. In April I had already completed most of the animation program but unfortunately we had to scrap many things because it was not possible according to the RIVM measures. The interns who would come this year were eager to start, but there was no permission to actually start.


Mid May we finally got permission and the first intern was allowed to start. Together with Owen we started cleaning up the KidsClub. On June 15th, 2020, the other interns; Marlies, Shannen and Yara also arrived. The special season could really start then!

The first few days were all about getting to know each other and training the team. How do we deal with the RIVM measures and what will be different this season.

Animation team Holiday Park Delftse Hout

Yes, we can really start!

The animation season really started for us on the 4th of July! We were all ready for the "Welcome Afternoon." It was very crazy for us because children were not allowed to shake hands and Zipp the Bee was not allowed to receive hugs but luckily it was very well received by the guests. Sure we had some guests who struggled with the 1.5 distance, not shaking hands and disinfecting hands. Nevertheless, we were able to make a special and beautiful season with the team and our guests.

A selection of the activities:

We have been able to organize fantastic activities; such as an escape room, Night at the museum, belly slide course, swimming with animation, campfire and so I can go on for a while ...

At 7:00 PM, many children were waiting eagerly because every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had a super cool show. Before the show there was a fun parade, with a golf cart, music, Zipp the Bee and one of the characters, we went to collect all the children for the interactive show. When they arrived at the KidsClub, all children sat down in their place and 5 families could also enter in the designated areas to experience the exciting adventure.

We experienced 5 great adventures at Holiday Park Delftse Hout during the 'live theater':

  • That's how we found a dream staff, with which we could make fantastic dreams come true.
  • Are we invited to come to an Indian ball.
  • Fred Water pret  has broken a clock, causing all the holidays to suddenly pass. There was a day, it was 35 degrees outside but it was Christmas inside the KidsClub.
  • We also were present on the wedding of Puck Druk and Fred Waterpret.
  • At the end of the season we quoted Zipp's book. During that weekend, Zipp told about the funny adventures we all had during the season.

Fred and Puck were two characters were often seen together this season. In addition to the theaters at Holiday Park Delftse Hout, Puck and Fred also took the children to the exciting, fun and sometimes hilarious theater performances at City farm Buytendelft.

Animation team Holiday Park Delftse Hout

Thanks everyone!

It was a very special season, but I am very happy that I was able to give an extra experience to the holiday together with my team. Despite COVID-19, everyone was able to experience a fantastic season at Holiday Park Delftse Hout!

Now I will prepare super cool activities at Cityfarm Buytendelft and I start brainstorming again about what I will be doing in the summer of 2021!

Hopefully see you next year, so that we can welcome you to our new animation building!